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Some really good chops here, they jittery but they really add to the beat. Really like the ending and the transition at 00:36, that part flows especially well. Kinda reminds me of what J Dilla did on "Don't Cry" where he took a sample and sequenced the drums in it while ignoring everything else on top of it.

This beat legit as fuck, the rapping is solid. This. Is. Real.

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RUNNER-BOY responds:

<3 much love

It feels kinda empty bass wise, but otherwise, it's an honest to god bop. I seriously don't know where you get these instruments from but not only are they really clean, but you use them well. That muted trumpet genuinely caught me off guard

Fast paced yet chill. I don't know how you do the things you do, but props honestly, it's sick!

This really nice actually, it has a very warm and genuine lofi feel to it and as someone who usually doesn't listen to this kind of stuff, I found myself boppin my head to it. Happy Jamuary btw

YasiinClemens responds:

Thank you so much 🥺 I was just in my feels about a friend of mine that kinda bailed on me and it just kinda all came together. happy Jamuary 🙂

Kinda quiet but I really like your chops my guy, they cleen!

I like how energetic it gets from its initial calm and it's composition for the most part, but I feel it could benifit from some more spacial or dramatic type parts that could make those riser drops feel more impactful. Idk how to explain it tbh but I feel it's just too constant. There's not a whole lot of build ups to any parts of the track, like there's not a lot of space to breathe in. Along with that, I feel improving your mixing and mastering is another good step but that simply takes time. Otherwise, it's a neat lil track dud, keep on doin the thang

Well this one came out real pretty. It has a kind of eerie vibe as well and I really dig that too, makes it feel spacious and free. I really liked the synth work here, good job dud

boza44 responds:

Thanks kindly for the feedback. Loved your take!

Idk how you did it but lemme just say how great those drums sound, they the snappiest I've heard in a while.

That note progression tho, its holy! Y'all did great on this, especially with the drums and the structure of the song. The whole thing flows really nicely and thoroughly, it's a real trip. Y'all need to send me some of that cauldron water in the mail, it must be magical or somethin

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I drank it all already 😔

I do digital art, music producing, and am trying to get into voice acting. A bit of an amateur at it all but I live to serve, learn, and improve.

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