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I really like racket games, they stimulate my mind like no other, and this is no exception. Only thing is that it does get pretty laggy sometimes. Probably my PC, but I'm just letting you know. Otherwise, I like this thang a lot!

Thang was real interesting for as repetitive and cliche as it was, I liked it. Definitely a worthy play, especially with how nice it controls and how great the music is. Good job y'all

The gacha, it's too addicting. I need to collect them all lest my life be in vain.

I like the idea for it, it's pretty neato, but there seems to be a glitch in which the screen turns black after a few levels or spending a long while on them. Might be clientside but I wanted to let y'all know. Either way, this is interesting and Imma try to keep up with it

YewTM responds:

Currently working on a patch for that. Thanks for the report! :P
Edit: Fixed

Very accurate, the combine at my high school raids all the bathrooms every 30 seconds but the schoolboard is petitioning for 10. Protesters are angry about it and many riots have happened in the restroom.

Some really good game feel I'd say!

I really like the game, especially the funny voice bit crushed intro. I feel the controls could be a bit more responsive, but something tells me they weren't supposed to be, which is good cuz it fits. Music is also really nice and the art style is really ckleeen. Good on y'all, cool shit

Stupid solid, I could get addicted to doin this. There's even a rhythm you can build up from combos and such once you get used to it all and it feels great. Not only that, but the music is really REALLY lovely for what this game is and the style it's supposed to compliment. Gives the whole thing a really chill vibe despite the fact you're knocking peeps out in mere seconds

I really like its replayability

How the hell did you make this in RPG maker?!!

I do digital art, music producing, and am trying to get into voice acting. A bit of an amateur at it all but I live to serve, learn, and improve.

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