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6/14/2021 - Week 83, The Romp Mod, and StellaGray

Posted by MaggieJP - June 14th, 2021

Eyo, whaza-waza-wazap, it's me, Maggie J. Perez of Magkron lore, as one is y'know, and I wanted to update y'all on what I've been up to and what I will be up to in the future.


Last time I posted an update, I was talking about finishing the music for FNF: Week 83 and putting it up on Bandcamp along with the bonus of track stems. Since then, I can safely say I've finished all 4 songs and plan to compose one more as a remix of the title theme. Now as for the Bandcamp part, I actually need to update all the songs since I've actually remastered all of them recently, however the bonus of all the track stems separated neatly won't be a thing you'll get when you buy the album. I talked with the team a bit and came to the conclusion that since we've never really seen track stems for mod songs sold the way I was gonna do it, it would seem like more of a paywall rather than just bonus content for supporting me and some team members.

That being said, I plan to release the track stems for free, though not right as soon as the mod hits. Rather, I'm gonna save the task of separating everything all over again and organizing it for later since right now, I'm kind of busy and don't want to leave anything out incase there's any updates to the songs before we release the mod.

I'll be releasing the songs and their instrumentals on Bandcamp along with Newgrounds and YouTube whenever I can after the mod has come out, and you'll still be able to support the releases there if you really want to, but know that if all you're doing it for is the track stems, those will actually come later for free. We would still appreciate it if you supported us and gave us the chance to make cooler things with better equipment (my PC showing its age and it's scaring me) thoh so uhh... yeah, mostly your choice y'know?

That all being said, I wanna get to the next mod I'm workin on...


So uhh yeah, Romp. I'm doin it with mostly the same team and Binej as lead director of the thing (if that's how you call it but I mean he's sorta leading us to where he wants to go with it). I can already tell you the music is gonna be goofy but smooth. This time I'm taking inspiration from the Romp animation's music along with Madness Combat's OST and overall mood, so combine that with the vibes Kawai Sprite has laid out for FNF overall and my style of EDM and we got Romp, or at least the direction I'm going with anyway. I'm already over here sampling Spongebob and looking for good groan tube sounds so hopefully that gives you some more insight as to how I'm playin this. Anyways, as of this post, I've completed one song for it and plan to make two more along with possibly a menu theme. We'll see how it goes, but I'm already having fun working on this mod and I'm hoping we can get this one finished sooner than we have the Week 83 mod. We already have some completed animations, and we've actually partnered with some people who have REALLY good experience with modding, so we should be zoomin ye?

Finally, I wanna talk about a personal project of mine, that being StellaGray. You may have heard the first song I've posted of the project here already, but if you haven't, go listen to Concrete and it'll tell you what kinda mood I wanna set with the album. I plan for it to be around 10 or 12 songs long and plan to get better equipment for it (once again, I am asking to support me on Bandcamp so I can save up for a stronger PC to handle everything and Ableton Suite if you wanna see it happen but better) but so far I've been busy with everything else. I'm just letting y'all know that's gonna be a long term project that'll take a while, but I am announcing it here and will be posting progress on my other social media accounts (Twitter and Instagram). Should be a neat project if I can keep at it and I'm excited to see where it'll go from here.

Anyways, that's all I have to say. I wanna start writing one of these every month, but we'll see if I even remember to in the first place, I just get pulled around a lot and I'm sorry for that and my lack of uploads here. Hopefully I can revamp the visuals on this account along with my Twitter, my Bandcamp, and my YT, but for now, I continue working on music. Thank you guys if you took your time to read or even glance at this, and I hope you have a good ol' day.