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I do digital art, music producing, and am trying to get into voice acting. A bit of an amateur at it all but I live to serve, learn, and improve. I have a Bandcamp on my website if you'd like to support me and my releases, it would mean a lot if you did.

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Some Status on me and possibly a Bandcamp

Posted by MaggieJP - May 8th, 2021

Hey guys, it's Maggie JP, aka, The Muthafuckin Magkron (up in this bitch as one be) and I just wanted to give a bit of an update on how Im doin....

Terrible but anyways, I've been working on FNF Week 83's music with da team and a possible remix of Hyper Dura Membrane (Magkron's Theme). I say possibly because as it stands, I still need to finish the song Im doin rn for the mod and one more, so if I get drained before that, we'll see.

I'll be posting the mod music here for y'all to listen to a day after the mod comes out, so Im hoping y'all really like it cuz we put some good time on it and they feature what I think are my best works since a long while. Along with posting stuff here, I'll also be uploading the tracks as an album to sell digitally on Bandcamp. I'll link the account in my bio when I set everything up but either way, all the tracks will be available for download here. By buying the album there, you'd be supporing the Week 83 team (Im splitting it) and helping me by giving me the chance to buy better software and hardware to make cooler tracks and such, so if you choose to donate/tip/whateveryoucallit to us by buying the album there for digital download, it would be cool. Hell, if I can, I'll try to include all the track stems in the Bandcamp download (all the instruments separately rendered) all in one ZIP, that way y'all can remix them or just study them under the lens of a microscope. It's up to you what you do with them, but anyways, this has been a labor of love for FNAF and FNF and just fun honestly, it's been fun working with da peeps and, if you end up liking it, you should consider supporting it there.

Anyways, that's it really. Idk how to end this, Im takin a phat shit rn... Yeah, that's a good conclusion. Ye guys ye.

JK, Im looking forward to the day we share the mod, I'm super excited for it. Till then..