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I do digital art, music producing, and am trying to get into voice acting. A bit of an amateur at it all but I live to serve, learn, and improve.

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Posted by MaggieJP - 13 days ago

Aaaaugh, I got nothing Aaaaugh

Posted by MaggieJP - October 25th, 2021

Hello peeps, it's Maggie J. more than a month too late to update this news post thingie. I'm gonna keep it short and simple this time so it won't be as long of a post as usual.

I haven't been making anything as of late, I'll be honest with you. I haven't been in a creative mood and just haven't had the willpower to really focus on music or art. Nothing's been clicking and I have a feeling it's because of school though who knows. Maybe I'm just burnt out.

So yeah, I'm not gonna teasing anything big this time around seeing that I have nothing however, I will say that the Scrapped Nutty Mod Collection has been uploaded long ago if you'd like to check it out. I've also uploaded singles and will continue to upload those whenever I can though it's gonna be slow.

That's gonna be all though I do wanna mention that I started a Ko-fi if you're interested in donating to help me get better equipment and software. If you like what you hear from me, consider it, any amount helps.

Anyways uhh, yeah. Cool? Cool.


Posted by MaggieJP - September 21st, 2021

Sup fools, it's the Muthafuckin Magkron back again from doing so and so and this is another monthly update coming to you live from a keyboard I'm having a very hard time getting used to. It's 35% smaller than my last keyboard and has mechanical switches so while it sounds and feels great, it sure is a workout on these small virgin fingers. Anyways, here we go, uhhh-

I've been working on mods for a long while now beginning from when Week 7 was released while I had COVID then going on from Week 83 to the Romp mod, a mod I composed one song for before my friend Bassya didn't really want to do it anymore or something to the Nutty mod that I've probably been released from. Probably not a lot compared to others, especially since other people actually get their mods released, but I've done some shit and now I have a bunch of unreleased songs. Because of that, I'm thinking of releasing them as their own compilation themed around scrapped songs. Thought it would be neat, though we'll see. If things go the way they seem to be going, then the compilation will include the one song I did for the Bassya mod along with whatever music is leftover to me if the Nutty mod peeps decide to use some of it at the end of the day. I'll also be including some other miscellaneous stuff as well along with some commentary. Nothing special really, I just like talking about how I made things and the little tidbits that go behind the stuff I do.

I'll be working on a few more things that are FNF related with some people, though after that, I'll be working on my own music. Maybe I'll even hobble together a mod of my own, I have some ideas .

With that being said, I've been working on something for a dude on Twitter named Ryissofly. Its a remix though I don't think it's gonna see the light of day for a while.

I also plan to work on a small album. You know how I keep changing my mind about things involving albums, well yeah, keep that in mind because I only have one song for it so far and the work name 'Stock'. Who fucking knows if I'll ever release my own album at this point, like for real.

Finally, I just wanna say thank you to y'all for supporting 'The Romp... OST' on YouTube, Newgrounds, and Bandcamp, I genuinely didn't think people would stay listening to it but it seems like many keep that shit in playlists which is uhh... humbling to say the least. I still think that shit was just lightning in a bottle but we'll see, I'm gonna keep practicing my craft. I'm in it for the journey baby, music is a beautiful thing.

Aight so uhh, that's all I really had to say so far. I'll be trying to draw and upload more finished art to the NG portal though I will say I am extremely rusty. Uhh... My birthday is on October 14th so I'm gonna be a consenting young adult... that's fucking stupid but whatever, time passes y'know.

And well uhh... Yeah, that's all really, I think that's all that needs to be said. So hopefully y'all read through the end and uhh.......uuuuuuuuuuuuuhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ye

Posted by MaggieJP - August 25th, 2021

Hi everyone, it's me. I think I've missed the last two months of doing this lil update log but here we go, the Romp mod was canceled obviously, Bassya said he lost motivation and has put that lil Bassya mod on standstill, and I've started isolating myself from social media after realizing how much of a distraction it is. That and I don't like getting addicted to this kinda stuff, I love technology and all but one thing I really don't like about it is how strong of a hold it has on you and your mentality. You might be wondering why I've stuck to Newgrounds even with that being said, and the answer to that is the fact it's not very social until you try to be social, that of which I'm not trying to do right now or, at least not on the internet.

So that being said, I've been working on a Nutty mod and a Grunt mod. So far, I think I'm making shitty process but after a month or so of not being able to make anything for either, I think rising up like a phoenix after a blackout hangover is good enough for now.

Coming up with new ideas can be hard, I hope many music producers can relate to that, especially if its chords, instruments, structures.

As for the album I've been talking about, it's not happening. I'd rather just release things as I see fit, I already have enough of keeping in music with mod music, especially since the last two times I made music for mods, nothing got finished and the music got stuck in unreleased limbo. I hate that, especially if it lasts for months.

Maybe I'll make a compilation/mixtape of my tracks for Bandcamp or something later on, not sure. Kinda have my mind on other things.

All that being said, I'll be on Twitter leave til I feel healthy mentally again, though even then, I'm gonna try not to be on for long. If you need me, I'll be on Discord so just ask around.. Make sure it's important please.. Aaaaand y'all have a good day yeah?


Posted by MaggieJP - July 16th, 2021

Yo, almost forgot about the lil pledge I made to myself to update this thing whenever I can. Anyways, what's up, is Maggie J. P, AKA the Muthafuckin Magkron as one is and will be till' death do us part. Yeah... Anyways..

This news post is gonna be a short one, I don't really have anything to say other than I finished the music for Romp already. Its all nice and done, though I still need to export and convert the files for Betrayed and finish off what might be the menu theme of it. Its a track I might upload sometime soon since it isn't any of the main songs so look out for that yeah? I also wanna say "look out for the Romp mod, we're ready to betray soon" but at this point with everything that has happened surrounding the mod, the community, and Binej, I have no clue on what's gonna happen.

Hell, barely anyone even knows what the actual music sounds like after people took Jecaris's audio concept as legit and that got popular on YT and TikTok so uhh... I don't even really know what to say about any of it, or at least anything new to say. I honestly just think its a sucky situation on both Binej's side and my own. I'm not saying Allies not getting attention is the equivalent of getting badgered and harassed about a mod people aren't being patient about or simply having an opinion, but I will say that the whole thing is just sucky in one way or another. Binej was handed the shorter end of the stick as the creator of the thing, so I feel for him honestly. I hope we can finish it eventually but if it doesn't happen, its understandable and I hope y'all can live with that as well.

I do wanna say it isn't Jecaris's fault though, they is a cool and you should definitely check them out, they a really good fuckin producer actually and a neato peep.

Anyways, with Romp music out of the way, I've actually started working on music for another mod.

I'll be producing and maybe even charting music for the V. Bassya FNF mod, though maybe Bassya, the lead dev on the mod, might get someone else on board or even do it themselves. Idfk, maybe they got an ace up their sleeve but regardless, I've finished one song and don't know how many others there'll be. I'm guessing three, but who knows, we're still in a planning stage right now spitballing ideas. One idea is a minute long note solo which should be nice and annoying if I actually do it, though I feel that regardless, with the way I write the composition for the vocals, it should still be pretty challenging to a casual player. I hope we can get this one out sooner than Week 83 or Romp but I honestly don't know. I've been putting months into FNF mod songs and none of the mods I've worked on have released so I might just start relaxing myself out a bit with that too. At least then I can save brainpower for when I do my own stuff and speaking of which.

StellaGrey is gonna be reworked a bit more. Not sure if Concrete will fit this reshaping of concept, but if it doesn't, I'm honestly just happy I got it out. It didn't get much attention, but it is a pretty big turning point in what I produced before and what I produce now.

At this point, I'm ditching the name and coming up with something different, though at the end of the day, the theme will not be class and chaos. At this point, I just wanna put something out, so if anything, my first album might just be a compilation of whatever. I try to make sketches so I can come back and make them full songs, so that's what'll prolly happen.

With all that being said, life is....aight I guess. I'll be heading back to school soon which honestly sucks ass seeing that last year, I think I got legit depression and anxiety attacks because of it but I mean... last year right? Actually no, it doesn't help, it means I have more forced onto me to take care of. Anyways, I'll keep y'all updated next month with everything and with that, I wish y'all a good day and a good life in general. There's not many who follow me on NG but I do wanna say thank you for the love.

Aight later!

Posted by MaggieJP - June 14th, 2021

Eyo, whaza-waza-wazap, it's me, Maggie J. Perez of Magkron lore, as one is y'know, and I wanted to update y'all on what I've been up to and what I will be up to in the future.


Last time I posted an update, I was talking about finishing the music for FNF: Week 83 and putting it up on Bandcamp along with the bonus of track stems. Since then, I can safely say I've finished all 4 songs and plan to compose one more as a remix of the title theme. Now as for the Bandcamp part, I actually need to update all the songs since I've actually remastered all of them recently, however the bonus of all the track stems separated neatly won't be a thing you'll get when you buy the album. I talked with the team a bit and came to the conclusion that since we've never really seen track stems for mod songs sold the way I was gonna do it, it would seem like more of a paywall rather than just bonus content for supporting me and some team members.

That being said, I plan to release the track stems for free, though not right as soon as the mod hits. Rather, I'm gonna save the task of separating everything all over again and organizing it for later since right now, I'm kind of busy and don't want to leave anything out incase there's any updates to the songs before we release the mod.

I'll be releasing the songs and their instrumentals on Bandcamp along with Newgrounds and YouTube whenever I can after the mod has come out, and you'll still be able to support the releases there if you really want to, but know that if all you're doing it for is the track stems, those will actually come later for free. We would still appreciate it if you supported us and gave us the chance to make cooler things with better equipment (my PC showing its age and it's scaring me) thoh so uhh... yeah, mostly your choice y'know?

That all being said, I wanna get to the next mod I'm workin on...


So uhh yeah, Romp. I'm doin it with mostly the same team and Binej as lead director of the thing (if that's how you call it but I mean he's sorta leading us to where he wants to go with it). I can already tell you the music is gonna be goofy but smooth. This time I'm taking inspiration from the Romp animation's music along with Madness Combat's OST and overall mood, so combine that with the vibes Kawai Sprite has laid out for FNF overall and my style of EDM and we got Romp, or at least the direction I'm going with anyway. I'm already over here sampling Spongebob and looking for good groan tube sounds so hopefully that gives you some more insight as to how I'm playin this. Anyways, as of this post, I've completed one song for it and plan to make two more along with possibly a menu theme. We'll see how it goes, but I'm already having fun working on this mod and I'm hoping we can get this one finished sooner than we have the Week 83 mod. We already have some completed animations, and we've actually partnered with some people who have REALLY good experience with modding, so we should be zoomin ye?

Finally, I wanna talk about a personal project of mine, that being StellaGray. You may have heard the first song I've posted of the project here already, but if you haven't, go listen to Concrete and it'll tell you what kinda mood I wanna set with the album. I plan for it to be around 10 or 12 songs long and plan to get better equipment for it (once again, I am asking to support me on Bandcamp so I can save up for a stronger PC to handle everything and Ableton Suite if you wanna see it happen but better) but so far I've been busy with everything else. I'm just letting y'all know that's gonna be a long term project that'll take a while, but I am announcing it here and will be posting progress on my other social media accounts (Twitter and Instagram). Should be a neat project if I can keep at it and I'm excited to see where it'll go from here.

Anyways, that's all I have to say. I wanna start writing one of these every month, but we'll see if I even remember to in the first place, I just get pulled around a lot and I'm sorry for that and my lack of uploads here. Hopefully I can revamp the visuals on this account along with my Twitter, my Bandcamp, and my YT, but for now, I continue working on music. Thank you guys if you took your time to read or even glance at this, and I hope you have a good ol' day.


Posted by MaggieJP - May 8th, 2021

Hey guys, it's Maggie JP, aka, The Muthafuckin Magkron (up in this bitch as one be) and I just wanted to give a bit of an update on how Im doin....

Terrible but anyways, I've been working on FNF Week 83's music with da team and a possible remix of Hyper Dura Membrane (Magkron's Theme). I say possibly because as it stands, I still need to finish the song Im doin rn for the mod and one more, so if I get drained before that, we'll see.

I'll be posting the mod music here for y'all to listen to a day after the mod comes out, so Im hoping y'all really like it cuz we put some good time on it and they feature what I think are my best works since a long while. Along with posting stuff here, I'll also be uploading the tracks as an album to sell digitally on Bandcamp. I'll link the account in my bio when I set everything up but either way, all the tracks will be available for download here. By buying the album there, you'd be supporing the Week 83 team (Im splitting it) and helping me by giving me the chance to buy better software and hardware to make cooler tracks and such, so if you choose to donate/tip/whateveryoucallit to us by buying the album there for digital download, it would be cool. Hell, if I can, I'll try to include all the track stems in the Bandcamp download (all the instruments separately rendered) all in one ZIP, that way y'all can remix them or just study them under the lens of a microscope. It's up to you what you do with them, but anyways, this has been a labor of love for FNAF and FNF and just fun honestly, it's been fun working with da peeps and, if you end up liking it, you should consider supporting it there.

Anyways, that's it really. Idk how to end this, Im takin a phat shit rn... Yeah, that's a good conclusion. Ye guys ye.

JK, Im looking forward to the day we share the mod, I'm super excited for it. Till then..


Posted by MaggieJP - March 12th, 2021

I'm gonna be posting all my uploads to NG only due to the fact that Soundcloud likes to muddle music up with it's optimization for listening. It does that to everything, but other artists have been able to get through that hurdle of appeasing it. I can't, my mixing sounds dogshit in the first place and Soundcloud makes it a bit worse, so uhh ye, NG is the homebase for my shit now yea?

I've started doin animation a lot more and plan to put my more polished art here, so yeah, NG all the way...I'm still on Twitter though... and I'm not deleting my Soundcloud, I have tracks on there that I wanna keep up.


Posted by MaggieJP - January 5th, 2021

Honestly, seeing all these reanimations, I wanna see someone try to tackle an ATHF episode. Just to bring more life into a more obscure cartoon with barely any animation.


Posted by MaggieJP - December 28th, 2020

Yo, my name's Maggie, or Magg for short, and here I am. I;m not exactly new to Newgrounds, I had two accounts before this, though for my involvement with it, it's been nearly nonexistent so uhh, here I am again. I have a Twitter along with a SoundCloud where I post art and music respectively that peeps can check out as well as whatever I post here. I'm also trying to do a bit of voice acting as well, so if you're interested in what I got, message me and tell me what you need to that I may try to get somewhere with ya (I don't do extremely high voices, I specialize on a more lower end but I can try to reach for what you're getting at). With all that being said, I don't know whether I'll be as active as I'd like to be with school and all, so have mercy on me for that if you ever try to reach me. I'm trying to get involved with projects with others, unpaid and paid, so if you're interested in what I have to offer, reach out to me. That being said, peace peeps.